Keeping Your Pets Cool in Summer Weather

Okay it’s time for me to take control of the Blog for a while. The cats and Dr. Daisy always get a chance to do it without even consulting me. These guys keep forgetting that I made myself CEO for some odd reason. Anyway, welcome to Frederick’s Findings! This section of the blog I’ll be bringing you the lessons I’ve found in life so you can be just as enlightened as me. Hold your applause, but all donations of food will be collected at the reception desk for these lessons.

First things first, as well all know it’s June now and that means one thing when you live in the south eastern United States. It’s friggin’ hot every day and all day long! Not many people know but your canine and feline friends run at a higher temperature than humans, also we’re covered head to toe in fur coats so you can imagine how the weather feels to us this time of year. So, the best way to spend the summer while bonding with us is to help us keep cool! I’ve found a few ways to do so that are fun for all involved.


  • Food popsicles- In the extreme heat a great way to cool off would be with a Popsicle. We fur babies can’t have all that sugar that tends to be in store bought treats, So you can make a special treat just for us! Get our favorite canned food and full up an ice tray with them. Let them freeze completely and then pop them out and let us have a ball. Not only is it a cool delicious treat, it’s also a toy we’ll have fun chasing around as it slides around on the ground.
  • Ice cubes- If freezing food isn’t your thing then we’ll be just fine with plain old ice cubes. That we you are helping us stay hydrated and the only residue on the ground is from a small amount of water.
  • Ice Cream- No not from the neighborhood ice cream man, but actual pet friendly ice cream that is on sale at your local supermarkets. As stated before human ice cream contains too much sugar and if we accidentally get flavors like chocolate or chocolate chip it’s dangerous. Not to mention that pets are pretty much lactose intolerant once we stop nursing. Let’s say it could get gassy. Purina makes a brand of ice cream called Frosty Paws that taste awesome and is best enjoyed in the summer time! Man I want some now… maybe if I bug Dr. Daisy she’ll get us some for later.
  • Pool Time- When summer hits and you live near a beach swimming comes to mind instantly. This one is more so for the pups out there. A great way to cool us off is to take us swimming with you. If you have your own private pool let us swim with you. If not another option is to get a kiddy pool from your local store that sells sports/outdoor equipment. Be sure to find one that is sturdy because our paws have claws that could easily deflate a plastic pool. Just be mindful some pets are stronger swimmers than other’s so don’t let us go to the deep end if we can’t handle it. We have just as much fun wading around in the shallows.
  • The Beach- No place is better than a beach that allows pets for us to run and play in the sun, get the wind in our fur and splash around in the shallows of the ocean. Just be sure to bring plenty of fresh water for us to drink as the salt water isn’t good for us. Also if the beach is your goal you need to be sure to have an area dedicated for shade and rest. A big umbrella would be ideal, and a nice blanket, oh and food, plenty of food. Lastly cheesy puffs…. Yeah that’s essential to life as well.

These are just a few tips that have helped me and the gang out during the summer months. If you have any ideas feel free to share them on our Facebook page and help out someone else in the community. Let’s stay cool together! Remember the Pet Pageant is August 20th from 3pm-6pm at the House of Blues, right here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Come eat and be merry while supporting the local rescue groups and jamming out with The Special Blend! I know I will see you there!!!