Disaster Preparedness Month

Okay humans we need to start a serious discussion about Disaster Preparedness Month. I, Clemson, will be giving you some ideas about it since we do live in the South Eastern United States. As we all know this area is one of the most likely hit by a hurricane/tropical storm. As we all know these storm systems can dishevel lives of people and pets alike. That’s why it’s good to have a plan in place as a just in case for the worse case scenarios.


Prepare Now

You should start your preparations now. Don’t be late to the disaster party and try to gather all you need as soon as you hear that a Hurricane is making landfall.

First you should have proper, up to date identification for your pets. Be sure to have your pets have on proper identification collars/tags. Also, it’s a great idea to have them microchipped. If they are make sure all the information is up to date with the microchip company. In the case of an identification tag make sure to have all your current numbers on it. Also you should place a friend’s number on it as well just in case you can’t be reached.

Second, you should find a place to find shelter for when a disaster is coming. One should never assume that an emergency shelter will accept your animal with you. You can look like online for places that offer pet-friendly lodging:

  • Bringfido.com
  • Dogfriendly.com
  • Doginmysuitcase.com
  • Pet-friendly-hotels.net
  • Pets-allowed-hotels.com
  • Petswelcome.com
  • Tripswithpets.com

Make arrangements with your friends or family to take care of your pets if you aren’t home in the case of an emergency. Lastly, you can see if your local animal shelter will provide temporary foster care for your pets in case of emergency. Also, check with your favorite kennel or veterinarian and see if they will provide boarding in case of emergency.

Take your Pet If you evacuate

If the world around you has become unsafe for you and your family then it has become unsafe for your pet. So, if it’s time for you to evacuate then you need to take your pet. When pets aren’t taken along they can end up lost, injured, or even killed due to the disaster headed their way. I know you don’t want that for your pet. Also don’t wait until the last minute to evacuate. When ordered to evacuate and you wait, once the national guard/police come to evacuate you they most likely will tell you to leave your pets behind. So make sure you evacuate early.

If you stay home, Be safe

When you decide to weather the storm then do it safely. Bring your outside pets in and keep dogs on a leash or in a carrier as well as your cats. Make sure they have on their identification collars/tags as well. Cover up or seal every nook and cranny that your Pets would try to run and hid in if they become scared. Put up all sharp objects so your pet can’t hurt themselves or you for that matter.

The Aftermath

In the aftermath you need to still act cautiously. Don’t all your pets to roam free outside. Leash walk your dogs and keep the cats inside, in carriers if need be. Things outside have changed, all the familiar scents are gone if there was a flood and there could be other dangers as downed wires or debris. Be sure to check your outside for wild animals that may have taken refuge near your home during the disaster.


Be safe and prepare for the disasters that come by being in the know. Pay attention to the local and national news as well as the radio for any and all news on what’s going on in the world around you. Stay safe!