Today in the clinic we catch out two favorite cats, Hokie and Clemson, shooting the breeze around the water bowl. There’s no telling what will come out of these guys mouths!

Hokie: … and then the staff all seemed to be upset that I took their tributary lunches and ate my fill. I mean why would they present them to me on the table if they are not for me? I don’t know Clemmey I think it’s time to thin the herd and hire folk who will pay tribute to me at all times via food.

Clemson: *Yawns indifferently* First, no one will ever worship you. Second, the “herd” is great, and Third do you not have any more meaningful conversation than this? If not then I’ll go find Frederick and start discussing our business plans for the Pageant this year.

Hokie: What plans? like your plan to sell the tickets for $5.00 at the door of the House of Blues? Or That we are still looking for some heroes for our calendar and that the deadline is June 6th?

Clemson: *Looks surprised* So you actually do pay attention during our meetings. Almost impressive.

Hokie: Well then, how can I truly impress you?

Clemson: Stop eating everything for one thing. But more importantly you could help Dr. Daisy out by getting the word out there about the vaccination specials that we have going on here at The Pet Doctor. It’s our jobs as upper management to advertise and educate our public about things that go on here. Especially preventative care such as vaccines.

Hokie: You are right, I can’t believe I just said that. But I do remember Dr. Daisy talking about the $99.00 Canine annual package which includes:

  1. A thorough Exam from the Doctor
  2. 1 year rabies vaccine
  3. Bordetella/kennel cough vaccine
  4. Distemper/Parvo (With or without Lepto) vaccine
  5. Fecal float to test for intestinal parasites
  6. Heartworm test

Clemson: If you ask me that’s one heck of a deal. If I had a slave, I mean dog I’d surely bring them in for that. Speaking of preventative care aren’t you due for a doctor’s exam? Dr. Daisy runs a feline annual vaccine package as well and you get get caught up on:

  1. A thorough exam from the Doctor
  2. 1 year rabies vaccine
  3. FVRCP vaccine
  4. Fecal float to test for intestinal parasites.

Hokie: Really? that’s awesome I need to schedule an appointment with her asap. Think she can work me in?

Clemson: Of course she can, walk-ins are welcome, but why not schedule an appointment by calling the office, 843-650-1555.

Hokie: I guess that would be more time efficient. I think I’ll do that


No telling what these guys will talk about next, Check back often for updates!!!