Halloween Treat Reminders for Pets

Halloween is a wonderful holiday that you and your pets both get to enjoy. Just remember some of the following facts to make sure that you keep your pets happy and healthy this Halloween.


***No Chocolate***

Chocolate in any form is very dangerous for your pets. It contains both caffeine and theobromine, both of which are very toxic to your pets and can cause various different medical conditions and can in some cases prove to be fatal. Symptoms that you may see with chocolate poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, high temperature, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, low blood pressure, seizures and in advanced cases cardiac failure, weakness and coma.

***NO CANDY***

A lot of people think that they can give their pets certain types of candy but the truth is that although these candies may not be toxic to your pets the biggest thing is the possibility of a gastrointestinal blockage. These types of blockages mean a very expensive surgery to follow because you decided to give your pet a hard candy, lollipop, or even gummies. They best way to make sure that your pet stays out of harms way this Halloween you may want to consider making up little goodie bags for your pet as well as any pets that may stop by your house for trick or treating!!

***NO NUTS***

Nuts are very dangerous to your pets as well. They are toxic to your pets, can cause upset stomachs, and in most cases due to the fact that pets cannot process nuts the same way as humans can cause an obstruction in your pets gastrointestinal tract. All of which will cause un needed vet bills and possibly putting your pet into harms way having major surgery. ““Side Note: Make sure to also keep an eye on the ingredients of your jars of Peanut Butter as it has been brought to our attention that it now contains Xylitol. Not all peanut butters will add this to their list of ingredients, if you are unsure whether your peanut butter contains Xylitol then it is best not to give it to them at all. Its always better to be safe than sorry. NO GUM either as it also contains xylitol.


Although it can be a lot of fun to dress up your pets and take them with you and the family to go trick or treating sometimes it is not always safe. Firs and foremost make sure that your pets are people friendly as well as pet friendly. You never know who will be out trick or treating and who else will be bringing their pets as well. NEVER use a retractable leash or collar, make sure to use a leash and harness. Make sure that they the harness fits properly. Costumes must also fit the pet properly and not be too snug around the neck or other extremities. Also keep the weather in mind, dress the pet accordingly. If it will be too hot or too cold then it may be best to leave your pets at home.


Unfortunately during this time of year it can be very dangerous for your black cat, or any cat for that matter. Black cats seem to suffer a lot of abuse this time of year due to there long history or being superstitious. All cats including black cats should be kept in doors during this time of the year. There is higher foot traffic as well as many more cars out on the road. Even cats that may be good about being outside may find themselves anxious and afraid when they see people in costumes as people running around and screaming and carrying on. So its best to keep them safe and warm at home!