How to Be Responsible for a Pet

So you have decided to add a new pet to your family?? If this is your first pet, do you know all that goes into a first time pet? Today I will go over a few things to keep in mind when you are adding a new pet into your household. Although it may not cover every exact detail it will be a general overview of the most important topics! We are also big believers in adoption as there are so many pets that are in terrible need of good homes. So always adopt first!!

  • First and foremost: Know your breeds!!! This is more for canines but it can also apply to felines as well. When we say “Know your breeds” we want you to keep in mind where you are living. If you buy a more active pet but live in a small apartment with no backyard….this will not work. Make sure to match breeds to your lifestyle. If you do live in a smaller apartment with no backyard then you will want a more sedentary, smaller pet. For example: French bulldogs, Poodles, Chihuahuas, etc. Whereas if you live in a bigger home with some land then you may want to consider a more high energy breed. For example: Labs, Retrievers, Great Danes, etc. The second thing that we mean when we say “Know your breed” is the medical conditions that go with particular breeds. You do need funds to be able to care for pets but there are some that may be a bit more expensive, if you are unavailable to take care of such breeds then please do NOT get them. Although it may be your “dream breed” it is better for the pet if you are unable to take on all of their needs. Felines tend to be a lot easier, most are just considered domestic felines. The biggest thing to remember is any felines with a flat face tend to have breathing issues if anything. If this again is not something that you would feel comfortable taking on then don’t! Every pet deserves to have a wonderful home, but they also need to have the best possible care out there so make sure to do your homework. Even when adopting, most of the time you will be able to tell  certain breeds that  make up the pet. In most cases mixed breeds can tend to be on the healthier side, but again, this is a situation where size matters!! Smaller pets for smaller homes and larger pets in larger homes!
  • Health Expenses: We kind of touched on the expenses when it comes to the breeds of certain pets but lets talk about just the initial cost itself for general healthcare. Lets start off with puppies and kittens. In most cases if you are buying or even adopting, most people go for the younger pets. When doing this you also have to keep in mind that most puppies and kittens have either only had their first round of vaccinations or it is possible that they haven’t had any at all. You have to make sure that you have the funds for their three rounds of vaccinations, as well as their spay or neuter, Microchipping, hidden medical issues (such as crytorchid in male puppies or kittens, meaning that a testicle has not yet dropped). You also have to make sure that they have their monthly flea and heartworm. These costs do add up quickly and it is very important to keep your pets as healthy as possible. If you get an older pet you still need to make sure that they are getting their yearly checkups or 6 month checkups if they are seniors. Older pets will need their flea and heartworm preventatives as well.
  • Extra Expenses: Canines—Leash, Collar/Harness, Food and Water Bowls, Bed, Crate, Food (appropriate for their are or any special diet), Treats, Toys, etc. Felines—Litter box w/scoop, Litter, Food and Water Bowls, Bed, Cage/Carrier, Food (appropriate for their age or any special diet), Treats, Toys, etc.
  • Make sure to find a Veterinarian that you feel comfortable taking your pet too. The best way to find a vet that works for you is by word of mouth! If you trust your friends opinions then why not check out their vet and see how you like it. Also make sure to call the vet ahead of bringing a pet home to go over the prices that they offer for vaccinations, surgery, and overall general costs.


At this point you can see a common theme here. Pets are expensive! But……..they are so worth every penny in comparison to the love and affection that you get from them!! Keep in mind that you also have to remember that pets get older. If that is not something that that you can handle when the time comes then you may want to reconsider bringing one into your home. It is very unfortunate but a lot of the pets that are in shelters are there because their owners couldn’t handle one of more of the above listed. With that being said….try your best to “Adopt, Don’t Shop!!”