Pet Exercise Routine

It’s the New Year, which means it’s time to focus on starting trends that will last throughout the New Year. I’m sure you know that this is the time that people choose to start their fitness journey towards better health. Well the same thing can happen for your favorite furry family member. A good physical fitness routine will help prolong your pet’s health and stave off illness and future aches and pains. Here are some tips for adding exercise to your pet’s life.

Let Your Pup Take The Lead

                You walk your dog multiple times a day, but that has sadly become a routine thing. At this point it’s almost robotic in motion. Walk fifteen steps, sniff rock then bush. Circle said bush tangling leash. Then ignore bush entirely and mark the same tree, again. See, doesn’t that sound boring. It is at this point, but if you let your pet take lead for a while they will have increased stimulation and eagerly walk. Of course use common sense, but let them walk their hearts out. It’s simple, but effective in increasing your pet’s exercise level.


This is a two for one special right here. Your fitness as well as your pet’s fitness. When you are out running with your pet you need to remember that this isn’t your workout alone. If your dog wants to stop more than you, let them do so. If they are taking a break to great new friends, you take a breather and let your dog do so. The goal here is fitness not to strain your dog to the point of pure exhaustion.


Finding an Agility course or class for your pet is also a great thing to do as well. This will help them burn energy and pounds as they conquer obstacles. An added perk to all of this is that your pet will build confidence and a new skill set that will only strengthen your bond with each other.


A game of fetch can work wonders for your pet. All you need is time and their favorite object to retrieve. Take them outside and throw their stick or ball around and have fun for a while. You’re making them happy and they are working off the pounds and/or staying lean.

Let Your Dogs Be Dogs

This is the simplest thing possible to do. Let your dog play with other dogs/housemates and they will exercise for hours. They will do what comes natural to them and in the process of making up their own games they will be exercising and having fun.

Work Their Mental Muscle

Exercise isn’t all brawn, there is brains involved in every aspect of life. There is no exception for your pet. After your dogs have grown up and they have learned all their commands, and we as owners sometimes don’t bother with teaching anymore tricks. In actuality this is the perfect time to teach them new tricks and stimulate their mind. Teach them silly things like high fives and bowing just to give them new skills to master, all the while exercising their mind.

There you have it, just a few tips for making your pet more fit in the New Year. Get out and get fit with your furry friends guys and gals!