Holiday Food & Pets

We had put out a blog warning pet owners on Halloween candies and the dangers that come along with that particular holiday, and we put up a small disclaimer on our Facebook for this Thanksgiving. Unfortunately even after posting both of those notices we have still seen a lot of pets coming in sick because they were given something that they should not have been given. We get that pets look so pitiful when they see us eating all of that wonderful food so we feel the need to share a little with them, but believe us the illness or death that may come to your pets with that simple act of what you think is kindness is totally not worth it! We understand that that is mainly because pet owners are not educated very well on those dangers. We can mention them every so often and we can tell you in the rooms during your pets exams but unless you see or hear the same things until you just cannot stand to hear it anymore you may not retain all of the information. Our biggest competitor is the statement that “what has happened with this new pet never happened with your first pet and you fed them all of the same things”. For us in the Veterinary practice this is an all day everyday uphill battle, and it breaks our hearts when we lose that battle. We see an increase in hospitalized pets as well as pet deaths this time of year and the sad truth is that almost all of them were 100% preventable. So we would like to take the time to make a list of items that you cannot feed your pets again, and we will continue to post these blogs until we are able to make somewhat of a difference in our clients education on food and food related items that cannot be given to pets!

Alcohol (of any kind)                                       Any form of Pork

Onions                                                                BONES!! (Ham, Turkey, Chicken, etc.)

Garlic                                                                  Hamburger (has a lot of fat)

Grapes/Raisins                                                 Mushrooms

Bread Dough                                                     NUTS

Chocolate                                                           Stuffing

Gum                                                                    Skin from meat, drippings, or gravy

Corn on the Cob                                               Twine from food

Fat trimmings or Fatty foods                        Sage

Nutmeg                                                              Candied yams (any candied foods)

Butter                                                                 Candy (Choking hazards if not lethal)

Peanut Butter ( NOT all but please check the ingredient label, do NOT feed if it has Xylitol)

***Below are also a couple of websites with more food items as well as what may happen to your pets should they eat them; signs, symptoms, etc.

Please make sure that if your pet eats anything besides there pet food or treats you make sure to contact your veterinarian immediately!! Certain things can take a quicker effect on your pet and it could be too late by the time you wait to figure it out. PLEASE KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON AND ALWAYS!!