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The Pet Doctor - Veterinarians In Myrtle Beach

Welcome to the home of The Pet Doctor! We are a team of Myrtle Beach veterinarians who understand just how important your pet is to your family. Your pet is not just an animal- he or she is a cherished member of your family and just like any other family member, it is important to offer your pet comprehensive surgical and medical care. The Pet Doctor is a veterinarian in Myrtle Beach that offers cost-effective solutions for your pet’s sicknesses and injuries in order to get them feeling healthy again. The doctors on our staff are dedicated and knowledgeable with excellent track records in animal recovery of all sizes. By combining our years of practice with our love of animals, we can care for your small or large animals in a way that makes us unique from any other Myrtle Beach veterinarian.

Dr. Stephanie Fotorny

Our Myrtle Beach Veterinarians Do Not Sweat The Small Animals

Caring for your small animal is no small feat- the Myrtle Beach veterinarians at The Pet Doctor can medically handle anything from blood tests and vaccines to ultrasounds and specialty diets for your pet. At The Pet Doctor, our Myrtle Beach veterinarians are trained experts in the care of small animals so the needs of your small animal are taken care of. We use our experience to treat your pets to get them back to being the carefree and fun members of your family again. To learn more about our small animal services performed by our veterinarians in Myrtle Beach: SMALL ANIMAL SERVICES.

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